Cloud tech changes a lot, and so do the risks and your needs. Your business has to keep up.

INXY Hosting helps you find smart, new solutions. These solutions make your team stronger and your business grow safely

INXY is dedicated to assisting your organization in realizing its complete potential, addressing challenges hindering growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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All-Encompassing Strategy

We look at your whole business and focus on what's really important.

Innovation Finder

We always look for the latest industry stuff to give you the best solutions for your business.


We offer a bunch of different solutions that can be changed to fit what you need.

How we can help you

INXY is dedicated to aiding your organization in realizing its complete capabilities, resolving the challenges hindering growth. Allow us to be the solution to deciphering your business mysteries, empowering you to confidently navigate towards a promising future.

Optimize cost
and time

Find different options. Access great deals and expert help, minimizing expenditures and research efforts.

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With our unique performance and security setup, we help you be better than your competitors with a faster, smoother, and safer experience.

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Reduce Risk

Our team carefully checks new solutions for quality and safety before we offer them to you. They’re really strict about it.

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What our clients say

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“When I needed servers and CDN for my online cinema, I was lost. Chose INXY because they listened, tailored their help, and cared about my project. Love their personal touch and value.”

Rafel Ioli

Owner of Italia’s Cinema

“Went with INXY not just for tech but as our PaaS consultancy partner. Their guidance made CDN integration a breeze, boosting our user experience. Absolutely thrilled!"

Oleg Levkovsky

Director of Account Management Department at Jelastic

“Chose INXY for their expert consultancy, not just servers. Like slipping on good shoes, we barely notice them because everything just works. Minimal need for support, proving they're the perfect fit. Totally content!”

Serge Baidin

Founder CEO at Markupus

"INXY was a lifesaver for our MMORPG - finally, a consultancy that got both our tech and budget needs right. Seamless migration, plus their support is stellar and proactive. No issues or downtime in over a year!"

Maxim Karsten

Game Designer at AlphaSoft


Unrivaled Access to Cloud Innovation

We’re really involved in the global startup scene, getting early access to tons of new cloud solutions. This lets us offer our customers the latest and greatest in cloud tech.


True Pros

Our team knows the cloud industry inside out. They're always learning about new trends, challenges, and tricks. We suggest newer, better solutions to keep you focused on your business.


Multi-Vendor Arsenal

We believe in having lots of options. Our growing collection of solutions lets us find the perfect fit for your challenges, mixing and matching different vendors.


True Partners

We work closely with our customers and suppliers. Our team gives great support for the solutions we set up, acting like part of your own team.

"For over 15 years, INXY Hosting has been bringing new cloud solutions to businesses around the world."

Dmitry Schulz

CEO  & Founder

We go beyond being just a company, we are largetea community of passionate individuals united by a common purpose.

Dmitry Schulz

CEO & Founder

Ruslan Zholik

GM & Co-founder

Vad Colcev


Serge Varzyaev


Galina Goltarenko


Arty Zhukovski


Igor Kirichenko

Business Development

Arty Gasparean

Business Development

Konstantin Anikin

Business Development