Cookie Use

On our website we use cookies and here we will try to explain what they are and why they are used here. Cookies make our website store important information for making its use more convenient to end-users. Actually, cookie is a small file containing such information as domain name, the lifetime of such file as well as randomly generated number.

Here are the purposes for which we use cookies:

  1. We store your preferences in them. All our website preferences edited by you for your convenience are stored in Cookies.
  2. User origin. Cookies allow us to see from which resource the user came to our Website. In this process, no personal user information is revealed.
  3. Analytics. Cookies are used to analyze user activity on our websites. Such information is used to improve our Website in the future in terms of functionality and user experience.

Cookies can be persistent and temporary. Session cookies remain until you leave our Website. Persistent Cookies are stored by your browser for a long time, depending on the actual preference in the Cookie file. Such cookies are used to enhance users’ experience when he returns back to our Website. However, if you don’t want those cookies to be stored, you can easily delete them by the means of your browser.

Cookie policy may be subject to change and we encourage you to visit this page from time to time to check for such changes.